Artisan creating glass pendant lighting

Wizards of glass

The cityscape collection originates from drawing a single silhouette, an outline, this is what we begin with, but through a delicate process the line is turned into a three-dimensional object. Illumination brings it all to light revealing the finest lines and smallest details.


To enable this process we chose a workshop able and experienced with scientific glass for over nearly half a century. Shaping medical glass requires extreme patience, tenacity and concentration. It’s clear that a glassblower requires the ability to be a problem-solver, and a logical but creative thinker, with patience, dexterity and ability to control with precision -even one's own breath. Such a craft involves much artistry and technique.


First, a glass tube is sourced from a medical glass supplier. This is toughened, durable glass and the tube is heated to more than 1 200 degrees celcius. Similar to the heating of metal, glass at high temperatures becomes much more malleable. Once the glass is hot enough, the actual forming process is very similar to a pottery wheel. The real skill is keeping everything symmetrical.  To do this, glass makers constantly rotate their work. In this case a clamping device was used to ensure smooth and even shaping.


The result of this careful shaping is a delicate and yet very toughened glass vessel. We enrich it with a single light source, implemented as suspension and as illumination. The intention is to cast mesmerising shadows and a play of light on its surroundings, adding to the sculptural features of a space.


We thank Ray Tribe for participating in this film, shot and edited by Kennan Lam, directed by Eva Menz. 

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