Metal magicians

Metal magicians

Working with metals is always magical, a material so strong it should be impossible for the human touch to transform it. For our Cosmic collection we play with both metal shapes and patina surface finishes. The aim was to achieve terrestrial and possibly extra-terrestrial imitations of surfaces, and planet-like appearances. These textures, imaginary imagery and actual alchemy formed the basis of our inspiration.


To begin with, we shape our reflector plates over a wooden mould into a chosen curve. The mould is carved out of wood, then either brass or copper is spun over it, line by line. This leaves the smallest patters, tracing a process that is beautiful to observe. We embrace it and embellish it on selected versions with a patina finish. When defining a patina finish to a workshop there are many tools required, this may involve a sample, a comparison, an image and yet there is always beauty to be found in the element of surprise. It is the metal workers' canvas of painting. Oxidising, heat, acid, pigments, process, patience, getting it all wrong and starting again. In this collection we use bronzing, acid and heat treatment and some accidental forms and shapes in the final piece. Each plate will vary slightly and intentionally. 


The result is a variety of finishes, each displaying an accidental outcome caused by the interaction between the material and substances used. Brushing, spraying, splashing and polishing will all leave evidence of the hand that made it, giving each piece an individual touch and lending it especially well to an environment that can celebrate this uniqueness.


We thank Colin Griffith for participating in this film, shot and edited by Keenan Lam, directed by Eva Menz.

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