Shine like diamonds

Shine like diamonds

The Diamond collection is inspired by the incredible phenomena of how a cut diamond stone reacts to light. Fine jewellery inspired us to make fine spatial jewellery with sparkling, deeply faceted shapes. We translated this concept into giant crystal diamonds set in delicately designed brass frames and a gentle backlight.

These lights are the result of a process involving a great variety of skills including drawings, skilful computer modelling and expert manufacturing. Understanding how to illuminate the pieces also involved several rounds of experimenting, engineering, inventing and plenty of patience on the workshop's part.

Each of the 'diamond settings' in our case brass components are spun and artfully crafted externally and internally to house all of the necessary components, as well as the weight of crystal pieces. The crystal pieces are set in their frames and illuminated passively to take advantage of the prism effect of the glass. It is a complex and unpredictable reflection game, involving an element of surprise which we embraced and cherished.


In addition to the lighting effect, when switched on, the pieces have a strong interactive effect with their surroundings and with the light. When sunlight hits the crystals for just a brief moment  it can reflect a kaleidoscope of light play through an entire room. Similar to jewellery worn, these pieces create an ever surprising and fascinating childlike reaction in the observer.


We thank Mr David Senior for participating in this film, shot and edited by Kennan Lam, directed by Eva Menz. 

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