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Carousel Purion Chandelier


Prices are ex. VAT

Carousel Purion Chandelier


Prices are ex. VAT

Inspired by the playfulness of a merry-go-round, the Carousel Chandeliers combine both of Atelier001’s signature collections, Cosmic and Liquid. Using hand-spun brass plates, hand-blown glass, and a selection of patinas, the Carousel pieces play with both material properties and artisan finishes. The ultimate combination of glass and metal in one piece. Handmade in London.


Softly illuminated with integrated LED from within, this sculptural ceiling piece sits elegantly in both contemporary and vintage-inspired interiors, creating the perfect focal point in any room. Please note that each piece is individually handmade, therefore unique.


Dia. 100cm (39.4”) | Height 108cm (42.5”)


Shade | Gloss white lacquered brass, Oxidised brass, Hand-blown glass
Framework | Satin brass


See below the available finishes for the framework:




Lead time is 14-16 weeks from placing an order. For shipping details please enquire.

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