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Callisto Wall Light


Prices are ex. VAT

Callisto Wall Light


Prices are ex. VAT

Taking inspiration from planet-like shapes and textures, the Cosmic collection explores the interplay of metal properties and an array of patina finishes.


A mixed patina is meticulously applied to a hand-spun brass plate, resulting in a uniquely finished piece that also imparts a stunning stony touch. Softly illuminated from within by integrated LED elements, this sculptural wall piece adds an elegant touch to both contemporary and vintage-inspired interiors.


It’s important to note that each individual piece is handmade, contributing to its distinctiveness.


Dia. 35cm (13.8”) | Height 37cm (14.6”) | Depth 12cm (4.7”)


Shade | Mixed Patinated Brass
Framework | Bronzed Brass

Framework Finish




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