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Oxidium Pendant

Prices are ex. VAT

Oxidium Pendant

Prices are ex. VAT

Taking inspiration from planetary shapes and textures, the Cosmic collection explores the interplay of metal properties and a curated selection of patina finishes.


Layers of mixed patina are meticulously applied to two finely hand-spun brass plates, giving them a distinct individual appearance. The light is thoughtfully projected into the shade, gracefully reflecting outward and providing gentle illumination without causing glare.


Softly illuminated by integrated LED elements from within, this sculptural ceiling piece adds an elegant touch to both contemporary and vintage-inspired interiors. It’s important to note that each piece is individually handmade, contributing to its unique and one-of-a-kind character.


Dia. 70cm (27.5”) | Height 42cm (16.5”)
Dia. 100cm (39.4”) | Height 52cm (20.5”)


Shade | Patinated brass
Framework | Satin brass


Please see below the available framework finishes:




Lead time is 8-12 weeks from placing and order. For shipping details please enquire.

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